Rolling Ball

Android game, academic project

Role: Game Design / Game programming
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Rolling Ball is an academic project wich consists in a small game when you have to tilt your smartphone to move the ball side by side, and touch the screen to make it jump.

The ball rolls in a limitless corridor, where the player has to avoid geometric figures to keep moving fordward.

Your objective in the game is to see how far you can go, also the game keep records of your best rides, so you can see how much you improve from match to match.

Rolling Ball is available on Google Play

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The game is balanced to increase its dificulty as far as you go, increasing the number, the frecuency and the size of the geometric objects that you have to avoid, but allways remaining the posibility to keep going.

I made this game while coursing the last year of Multimedia Engineery degree, and was made with Unreal Engine 4, with the first free version, with the android exporting options in beta, so it was really dificulty and buggy for the game to reach the play store working correctly, when I got to publish it, it finally weighed more than 100 megabytes due to the engine files.

This game was my very first game published, and also my first Google Play’s app experience.

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