About me

Nice to meet you, this is who I am.

My name is Pepe Lemos, I am 23 years old.

I am from Alicante, a coastal city of Spain.

I studied Multimedia Engineering at Universidad de Alicante.

My main vocation is the Game Development

Also, I do Web Development and Graphic Design

My skills



My life

The video game world and computing in general has fascinated me since I was a child, I was very young when my parents bought a PlayStation for my brother at Christmas.

I am one organizer of the GameJam Alicante, an association that makes events of 48 hours game programming, with more than 50 participants

My hobbies, a part of video games, are playing paddle, board games, meeting with friends and family, as well as watching movies and tv series.

The tools that I use include a powerful MSI laptop, which gives me the ability to work anywhere, a Wacom digitizer tablet, a Sony Evil camera and a Samson microphone.